PPAs for On-Site Generation

If you already have generation assets installed at your plant, our range of short-term export contracts can help you to optimise the benefits of exporting your electricity to the grid.

Our team of export specialists will help you to choose the right option, whether you regularly have large volumes to export, or only sporadically generate surplus electricity.

The options available include:

Fixed-Price Contracts

Fixed-price contracts give you complete budget certainty. ENGIE agrees to buy all of your output at a price agreed at the start of the contract. This type of contract often suits businesses that have regular, predictable volumes of electricity to export. You can choose from a variety of unit rate structures and imbalance options to create a fixed price contract that suits your circumstances. ENGIE will also arrange to buy your ROCs and LECs, and your fixed price can be calculated to include the cost of these.

Index-Linked Contracts

An index-linked contract allows you to sell your output at market-reflective prices, potentially enabling you to earn higher rates in short-term markets. These flexible contracts are ideal if your surplus output is sporadic or unpredictable, but also if budget certainty is not a top priority and you prefer to sell your output at prevailing market rates. An index-linked contract gives you the chance to maximise your revenues by providing access to within-day half-hourly prices. The indices you can link to include LEBA, N2Ex, APX and SSP.

Flexible Fixing Contract

This type of contract may be the best option if you are exporting large volumes of electricity to the grid. It allows you to take control of your trading strategy by giving you the freedom to fix a price at any time for any portion of your output, for any period. When no price is fixed, you will earn index-linked prices. You can also buy-back volumes if your actual output falls short of your forecasts.

Working with our dedicated team of traders, you can choose when to sell at market rates, when to fix your price for certain volumes and periods, and when to buy-back. In this way, through multiple transactions, you ‘layer-up’ your final price to achieve the best deal.

If you would like more information, please contact our export team on 0113 306 2021 or email export@engie.com


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