RPA in the public sector

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the hot topic right now and is rapidly gaining traction across all sectors.  However, there is much hype about automation which can be misleading. So, let’s cut through the fog and understand how this technology can help local government embrace digital transformation and channel shift.

ENGIE has been using RPA since 2014 in our public sector contracts and found it an incredibly useful tool in two key scenarios:

  1. Where systems are not integrated resulting in manual re-keying, a common occurrence in the public sector; and
  2. Where the system used is not functionally rich enough for the operation, resulting in manual workarounds.

ENGIE launched its own RPA Centre of Excellence in 2016 and subsequently won two national awards; Institute of Customer Service Award for Best Use of Technology and Premises and Facilities Management Award for innovation. In our experience, RPA can be deployed for 20% of office processes; reducing costs and creating efficiencies by automating repetitive, high volume tasks.

Having successfully implemented RPA in its first local authority context at North Tyneside Council, ENGIE fully appreciates the potential barriers for the public sector in adopting this technology.

Firstly, you need licenses.  This can be a significant upfront cost as you often have to purchase more licenses than you actually need.  It’s worth the investment; a single license for a digital worker is equivalent to five human workers and you don’t need very many in your first year, why buy more if you don’t have to?

Secondly, you need intelligent collateral in place to help automate at pace; the approach, procedures, support arrangements, change management…the list goes on but these are essential components to operate effectively.  ENGIE invested over a year building up this important collateral and is now viewed as a thought leader in the industry, regularly making key note addresses at RPA conferences.

Thirdly, you need talented people who can use the software to create your automated processes.   Demand for accredited developers is way outstripping demand right now but ENGIE’s Centre of Excellence has experienced talent that is driving innovation. 

RPA can deliver excellent results for the public sector but there is no doubt that to be successful requires a significant investment in time and resources. ENGIE can help local government to break down each of these barriers. 

We will be launching a Public Sector Centre of Excellence soon to help you implement an accelerated RPA programme of your own. ENGIE can also help you assess the opportunity and the business case for your organisation to ensure it’s the right solution for you.

Watch our short video to find out more about how RPA can reducing cost and improve efficiencies: click here

If you would like to know more, please contact Martin Ruane, Programme Director on 07772 532101 or at martin.ruane@engie.com.