An integrated approach to property and energy

Energy is a strategic imperative for local authorities driven by reducing budgets and increasing energy prices, a trend that is set to continue with the rising costs of energy transmission and distribution.

With local government facing an overall £5.8 billion funding gap by 2020, integrating property and energy management can provide a sustainable financial model for local government and act as a springboard for inclusive growth.

ENGIE has built a successful integrated approach to guarantee savings in both property and energy budgets by rationalising space and influencing energy demand through maintenance strategies and smart technology. The benefits of this integrated model include:

Smart energy management

C3NTINEL is ENGIE’s award winning online energy management application, which provides an automated platform to efficiently manage consumption and identify opportunities to save money. It uses advanced learning profiles to analyse the energy usage of assets and raises alerts where energy consumption spikes outside of set tolerances. This allows the local authority to take corrective action thereby reducing consumption, carbon and costs. The reporting tools it provides accurately analyse performance and measure the financial impact of fault detection and action taken to show improvements and success.

So how does the integrated model work in practice?

ENGIE works in partnership with a number of customers adopting this model including Wakefield Council, London Borough of Lambeth and the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames. We look at the future requirements for the community for the next 5 to 10 years, perform a strategic assessment of assets, rationalise the property estate to meet the needs of the community and manage demand using bespoke technology.

Our 12 year innovation partnership with North East Lincolnshire Council is an excellent example of a comprehensive urban and economic regeneration programme that is delivering on the Council’s ambition to transform the communities it serves through low carbon and renewable energy.

The partnership encompasses energy, property and corporate asset management, regeneration, housing, facilities management, development, building control, architectural services and highways and transport. ENGIE has helped the council rationalise 20 buildings into two hubs, reducing the estate from 28,000m² to less than 10,000m² providing £1.1 million annual revenue savings whilst securing £570m inward investment and regeneration funding.

As an integrated provider of energy, services and regeneration, ENGIE is uniquely positioned to help local authorities rationalise property, manage energy and realise long-term benefits for the communities and citizens they serve. We also provide decentralised energy schemes to reduce the reliance on the National Grid to further support a sustainable future for communities.

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