DSR: The Details

Flexible Power Response is ENGIE’s service offering relating to the potential for organisations to flex their on-site electrical assets / plant to provide support to the nation’s energy system, in return for financial payments. This is often referred to as demand response, demand side response (DSR) or flexible demand response.

The principle of DSR is that spare generating capacity or reduced electricity consumption in one area of the network is used to balance increased demand elsewhere, as well as complement the fluctuating output from renewable energies such as solar photovoltaic and wind power. This relieves stress on the system, allowing re-balancing of the system and overall security of our country’s energy supply.

There are a variety of DSR programmes developed by National Grid, each with different requirements and financial rewards. This variety enables a large number of UK organisations that can flex electricity use via generating or reducing electrical load, to participate, thus earning revenue for their organisation as well as supporting the wider needs of the National Grid. 

ENGIE is on hand to ensure that all opportunities regarding the intelligent use of plant flexibility are explored and rewarded where possible.

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