ENGIE shortlisted for Dynamites 17 Project of the Year award

ENGIE is delighted that our Robotic Process Automation (RPA) programme is a finalist for the Project of the Year in the Dynamites 17 awards, sponsored by BT. The awards shine a spotlight on talent and success in the North East with 9 categories and 11 awards up for grabs.

RPA is software that can automate office based tasks by mimicking user actions on applications. It acts as a digital worker logging into any application with normal credentials, making it incredibly flexible to automate high volume, repetitive work.

ENGIE successfully implemented the technology in its first local authority context at North Tyneside Council (NTC) in 2014, winning two national awards; Institute of Customer Service Award for Best Use of Technology and Premises and Facilities Management Award for innovation.

The ambition was to implement a target operating model which provided a digital interface for customer contact and then to automate the processing of any resultant transactions. RPA was an ideal solution that worked with the 500 plus legacy applications. The new benefit claims was transformed from a paper driven process taking on average 36 days to an automated process with 54% of all claims processed on the day they arrive.

“Outwardly customers see a seamless service; there is no awareness that the processing is no longer carried out by a human. What is apparent is consistent decision making, efficient service delivery and resources applied promptly to deal with more complex cases where human intervention is required” Andy Scott, Senior Client Manager, NTC.

ENGIE launched a Centre of Excellence (COE) for RPA in 2016 and has ambitious plans to expand the use of the software across its 14,000 UK contracts. The business case is compelling; a digital worker is 80% cheaper than a human equivalent and is available 24/7/365. Over the next five years ENGIE will save approximately £10m and now offers this technology to other public sector customers.

RPA has provided personal development for existing staff and released them from mundane, repetitive processing work; “The payoff for our staff is that increased expertise and upskilling has created opportunities for them to transition to more fulfilling job roles, which has enhanced job satisfaction, motivation and morale.” Mike Hedges, Regional Director, ENGIE.

ENGIE’s COE is still based at NTC premises and in the last 12 months 11 FTE employment opportunities have been created. This includes two apprentices. These are high value roles with salaries well above the national average. The COE has over 30 automation projects in the pipeline and the team is growing rapidly to take on more projects.

The Dynamites 17 awards ceremony will take place on Thursday 19 October 2017 at Newcastle’s Civic Centre banqueting hall. We wish all the finalists the best of luck.

If you would like to know more ENGIE’s pioneering RPA programme and how we can support your organisation, please contact Martin Ruane, Programme Director on 07772 532101 or at martin.ruane@engie.com.