Efficiency Solutions

Combining energy supply and energy-saving expertise to bring you guaranteed energy, cost and carbon savings

Start saving from day one

We will assess your businesses energy efficiency and optimisation opportunities and then convert the overall potential into a value.

We are so confident that we will be able to identify the projects that will deliver these savings that we’ll factor it into the price you pay from day one, by giving you a discount on your unit rate.

Fully costed proposals for guaranteed energy savings

Once the contract begins, our specialists will carry out detailed efficiency and optimisation audits to identify energy-saving opportunities and present them as fully costed proposals in an Energy Performance Agreement (EPA).

Our recommendations could range from simple quick-win measures, such as upgrading your lighting or improving automation controls, through to longer-term projects requiring capital investment, such as installing new heating or air-conditioning systems, on-site generation plant or new boilers.

Each measure we identify will deliver a quantified saving. As we identify them, we will begin to claim the value of the savings back from the discount we gave you on your energy bills. If we identify more savings than we guaranteed, we will only reclaim the discount we gave you, and no more.

You’re never left out of pocket

In the unlikely event that we fail to identify the savings we guaranteed at the outset, we will only claim back the equivalent value of the savings we did identify. You will retain the balance of the discount less the value of identified savings.

If we identify all of the guaranteed savings and you decide not to implement any of the measures we recommend, we simply claim back the discount you have received. You will keep a series of fully costed proposals for reducing your energy and carbon consumption.

Implementing the energy-saving measures

If you choose ENGIE to carry out the work, we will deliver each project according to the industry recognised International Performance Measurement & Verification Protocol (IPVMP) and guarantee that you will make the savings defined in our EPA. We can also provide help with capital investment financing, where required. If over the course of the agreed period stated in the EPA these measures did not meet the savings targets we agreed before implementation we would pay you the calculated shortfall.

5 Step Process

Our experts use a 5 step process to identify and deliver bespoke efficiency solutions for your business

Identification – We identify initiatives to reduce energy consumption by considering areas such as behavioral issues,operation efficiency, type of energy user, processes and generation considered

Implementation – We will complete a detailed assessment of opportunities and consider factors such as technical viability, financial viability and risk assessments, and suggest the most suitable method of implementation.

Engineering & Design – Our in house Engineers and Design Team provide FEED studies, detailed design and full lifecycle analysis amongst their list of complete engineering support.

Construction & Project Management – Our in-house project teams provide a full end to end service from engineering and design, to safety management and project funding.

Measurement & Verification – Through effective Measurement & Verification we can increase savings, provide information to help manage energy budgets and provide accurate valuation of emission reductions.


We have a wide range of energy efficiency initiatives that we can deliver including:

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